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About Us

Since 1945

The Second Maintenance Office was built on November of year 1945, which was subordinated to The Sixth Department of Taiwan Executive Office, and was reorganized into The Second Engineering Department of Taiwan Provincial Ministry of Construction on June of year 1947. There were 3 branch businesses which was located in Taichung, Puli, and Shueishang. After 2 years test, due to the local-government's bad jobs, it was exchanged to Provincial duties.

Up to now

The area under The Second Maintenance Office Directorate General of Highways' control forms eight branches (Miao-Li, Taichung, Chung-hua, Nan-tou, Gu-Guan, Pu-li, Xin-Yi, and Yuanlin ) , one new construction branch (Zhuo-Lan) and Maintenance space, which in charge of the highways maintenance and construction businesses on Miaoli County, Taichung City, Changhua County, and Nantou County.

Second Maintenance Office Second Maintenance Office-Sign Second Maintenance Office-Parking